Sherwood Maximus Pro

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During the 80s and 90s, one of the most popular regulators was the Sherwood Maximus Regulator. Today, the Maximus returns, but to improve!

The new Maximus is one of the most provocative and unique regulators on the market today. It brings with it the most recognizable and unique features of its predecessor: the swivel, the extended 42 inch pipe, and the extremely comfortable mouthpiece. But this regulator also has several new features that make it something very unique, such as one-touch adjustment, SMART demand lever, high performance valve design and oversized purge cover. These features make it a beautifully designed regulator that provides the most comfortable diving experience a regulator can provide.

• Swivel - Allows the hose to be routed under your arm rather than over your shoulder. This allows you to stay more streamlined in the water, especially in tight spots. This unique hose configuration allows the regulator to sit more comfortably in your mouth.

• 42 inch Extended Hose - The longer hose routed under your arm provides a more comfortable diving experience.

• Tip - The longer molded tip allows your molars and wisdom teeth to firmly hold the second stage. Additionally, the mouthpiece uses two different silicones with a soft black silicone under your lips, but firmer colored tabs that provide extraordinary comfort.

• One-Touch Adjustment - Like the SR2, the Maximus has only one adjustment that uses a large, easy-to-use knob that adjusts both flow and Venturi effect.

• SMART demand lever - When the regulator is not pressurized, the SMART demand lever removes the load from the LP seat. This prolongs the life of the seat. It is only under pressure that the seat and the orifice come into contact.
• High Performance Design – Similar in design to the SR2, proven to be one of the best regulators on the market today, the Maximus is synonymous with high performance.

• Oversized Purge Cover - Large openings allow optimal water flow behind the purge cover and facilitate diaphragm operation. The diaphragm retainer allows the flow to be diverted against the diaphragm so as not to activate the purge in the strong current.