Waterproof W50

  • $575.00

This W50 suit is the newest addition to the Sports suit series. This series started with our best-selling tropical wetsuit, the W30. As with the W30, this new suit comes fully equipped. The new W50 is highly recommended for temperate waters and not really considered a tropical water suit.

The W50 full suit features a gender specific design, Waterproof Personal Accessory Station (WPAD) for expandable pockets, reinforced shoulders, seat and knees. Heavy-duty YKK #10 zipper on the back with a unique molded PU Velcro tab that only sticks to the designed Velcro area. The zippers on the legs allow easy dressing. Constructed from UltraFlex Neoprene, you'll have a snug suit with minimal water infiltration, providing you with a warm, comfortable dive wherever your favorite temperate waters are.