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Excellent for sport and technical divers, this drysuit has set the industry standard for meeting drysuit diver expectations. Durable, quick-drying and lightweight for travel, the TLS350 is so versatile it's become the top choice of underwater photographers, deep cave explorers and US Navy Navy SEALs.

By varying the insulation underneath, you can use the TLS in the warm waters of Florida to the ice-covered seas of Antarctica. Our lightest drysuit, the TLS350, is constructed with high quality tri-laminate materials that were originally developed to meet the demands of chemical warfare. In the 1980s, the US military made a request for a suit made of the lightest material available, which would require little maintenance and be easily repaired if necessary. At that time, combat swimmers' suits were typically of the vulcanized rubber type, which, although tough, constrained swimming motions. As the military searched for a more suitable alternative, an actual swim test was needed to quantitatively compare the vulcanized rubber suit to newer designs. The test required swimmers to put on their respective wetsuits and swim a measured distance in a given time. The TLS350 performed very well when it came to donning and swimming. Interestingly, the features that made this garment desirable for military divers and search and rescue teams made it equally desirable for civilian divers. The telescoping torso design of the TLS results in a suit that is both streamlined and easy to don. It allows for enough material for a full range of motion without promoting drag. Because fabric suits do not stretch as much as neoprene suits, if there was not enough material available, the diver's range of motion would be limited. Also, to ensure longevity while maintaining a full range of motion, the number of seams should be kept to a minimum. This requires a careful balance. By using a bespoke production suit or an appropriate standard size suit, a proper fit can be achieved, allowing the diver to have the most streamlined suit possible while incorporating sufficient thermal protection.


The LITE underwear set includes an ActionWear 150 one-piece, an ActionWear 300 jacket and Polartec PowerStretch Pro or Xm450 booties. Designed for water from 15C to 18C.

The PRO Underwear Set includes an ActionWear Pro 300 vest, a pair of ActionWear Pro 300 pants, an ActionWear Pro 300 jacket and Polartec PowerStretch Pro or Xm450 booties. Designed for water from 4C to 16C.

The PREMIUM underwear set includes either an Xm450, Xm250 or Polartec PowerStrech Pro wetsuit, an ActionWear 300 jacket, or Polartec PowerStrech Pro booties or Xm450 booties and an ECODivewear base layer. Designed for water from -2C to 15C depending on the underwear.

The accessories

The SPORT accessory kit includes a pocket of your choice, CF200 knee pads and your choice of hood.

The DELUXE accessory kit includes two pockets of your choice, CF200 or Kevlar knee pads and your choice of hood.

The TEC Accessory Kit includes two pockets of your choice, CF200 or Kevlar knee guards, CF200 crotch guard, P-Valve and your choice of hood.

Buy a DUI TLS350 dry suit and choose a DUI underwear set, as well as a SPORT or DELUXE accessory set for free!

In order to ensure your greatest satisfaction as well as the very impressive number of possible combinations of colors and accessories, we will contact you to finalize the configuration of your DUI drysuit. Choose the fit, accessory and underwear set and we'll walk you the rest of the way to your DUI all yours!