DUI ZipGloves

  • $350.00

Do you remember your first drysuit experience, the happiness of being warm and dry? It's the same experience you'll have when you dive with ZipGloves. By using an attached glove, your hands will stay warm and dry throughout your dive.

ZipGloves can be attached to any DUI drysuit with ZipSeals. Simply remove the ZipSeal cuff from your wetsuit and replace it with a ZipGlove. The lining keeps your hands warm. There is no wrist seal inside the glove, allowing air to move freely through your gan. Slightly tighten the wrist strap to keep your fingers securely inside the glove.

ZipGloves are available in a high-durability version (blue) and a maximum dexterity version (orange). The high-durability ZipGloves are twice the thickness of the maximum dexterity version.

Maximum Dexterity ZipGloves are recommended for underwater photographers. Maximum Durability ZipGloves are recommended for divers who like to hold on to rough lines, rocks, wrecks, etc.