Light & Motion SOLA Video Pro 15000 + battery

  • $3,300.00

An essential imaging package combining the SOLA Video Pro 15000 with an additional battery module that can be changed in seconds.

The SOLA Video Pro 15000 Cinematic Light is the ultimate in portable lighting system for serious professionals. With a new patented cooling system, it offers the best performance in the industry and ushers in a new era of constant illumination for underwater imaging specialists.


  • 15,000 lumens light intensity certified to FL-1 standard
  • Maximum depth of 100 meters
  • OLED display to monitor settings, battery life, etc.
  • The front LED assembly is removable for safe travel.
  • The Li-ion battery fully charges in 1 hour 45 minutes.


  • 24 V power supply, adapter, Allen key and neoprene case
  • Adapter for 1" swivel light arm
  • second battery module