OMS AirStream Evoque DIN

  • $790.00

This high performance overcompensated diaphragm regulator has been designed to optimize hose placement. First stage design having 45 degree angled high pressure ports keeps the gauge closer to the diver's hips. The AirStream's 30-degree angled low-pressure ports help guide hoses so they route directly over the diver's shoulders.

Unique features of the Evoque second stage include the baffle with a door that opens to allow access to the exhaust flap. The deflector is also designed to work in conjunction with the OMS Tattoo mask, allowing exhaled bubbles to flow up behind the sides of the mask. The Predive/Dive switch prevents continuous flow from the Evoque when the diver does not have the regulator in their mouth. The adjustment knob that allows the diver to change breathing resistance has a clutch that prevents over-tightening as resistance increases.


First floor

  • DIN interface
  • Pneumatically overcompensated
  • Sealed first stage
  • 2 high pressure ports
  • 4 low pressure ports
  • Polished stainless steel finish

Second floor

  • Pneumatically compensated
  • Adjustable breathing effort
  • Predive/Dive switch