OMS SmartStream Signature with steel back plate

  • $1,200.00

The OMS Smartstream Signature system gives you a complete package for diving with single or double cylinders in complete control and comfort.

To dive longer and safer with double tanks, simply add an OMS Performance Double Buoy, so you can dive almost anywhere in the world for your entire diving career.

The Smartstream harness quickly and easily adjusts to your size while holding the lead pockets in a fixed position at your sides.

This system includes a buckle with a buckle on the right side and a D-ring on the left side.

The OMS back plate is forged and then polished so you don't have to worry about sharp edges causing premature wear on straps, buoy or anything else.

The new OMS Back Cushion is molded from extremely comfortable, yet durable materials and is designed to be mounted on any type of back plate. Between the pad and the back plate is a storage space for a buoy or parachute. Four weight pockets that can accommodate one kilo each are also installed on the cushion.

OMS Performance buoys are donut-shaped and are perfectly adapted to standard tanks so that they are no longer wider when the kite is empty. This allows air to flow easily from side to side, allowing perfect control of flow and buoyancy. The kite has two bladders, the outer bladder has a laminated inner layer to prevent punctures, cracks or damage from salt water or chlorine. The outer bladder has a wide YKK zipper that opens and closes easily and has a long lifespan. The eyelets are reinforced with a second ring of material to eliminate potential wear weaknesses. The inner bladder is ultrasonically sealed.

In addition, a simple bottle adapter is installed at the back of the buoy to stabilize the bottle at all times.

These wings come with either 27 lbs (~12.5 kg), 32 lbs (~14.5 kg), 45 lbs (~20 kg), or 60 lbs (~27 kg) buoyancy.

The Smartstream Signature system in single cylinder configuration also includes two OMS cylinder straps with plastic handles that allow you to securely secure your cylinder.