Poseidon Xstream Deep double set

Poseidon Xstream Deep double set

  • $2,560.00

The Poseidon Xstream is approved for depths up to {656 feet | 200 meters} through NORSOK, a Norwegian certification body specializing in the certification of equipment used in the North Sea oilfields. As the top of the line regulator, the Xstream offers incredibly easy breathing and ensures you have enough gas no matter the workload.

  • Standard DIN connector (G 5/8" BSP)
  • Approved to 200m / 656ft, Norwegian Standard Norsok U101
  • Sealed for use under ice at {29°F | -2°C}
  • Reversible second stage can be used left or right
  • Servo-assisted ultra-low work of breathing (WOB) second stage

The Xstream first stage uses a synthetic ruby ​​spherical high-pressure seat, which virtually eliminates stage wear, a common problem in systems using other types of seats. Xstream's first stage also utilizes a bearing diaphragm that eliminates any movement restrictions, creating smooth gas transfer from the first stage to the second stage. This rolling diaphragm design further creates an insulating barrier so there is no need for additional environmental kit. The Xstream has five standard low pressure 3/8" UNF ports and two standard high pressure 7/16" UNF ports. The new Xstream Black version is Nitrox ready, incorporating oxygen compatible O-rings and lubricant.

The compact, low-profile Xstream second stage uses pilot-driven upstream demand valve technology that also seals the seat without the use of conventional seat systems. This servo-assisted feature allows for very low inhalation effort and also eliminates any need for a venturi switch or adjustment knob. The second stage is also reversible, allowing for both left or right feeding and breathing equally well in almost any position while the side-mounted exhaust directs bubbles out of sight.