SF Tech heated gloves

SF Tech heated gloves

  • $485.00

The SF Tech heated glove system is designed to provide maximum warmth when needed. A heating wire covers the inside, outside and top of all fingers, as well as the top of the hand. With a maximum heating power of 36 W, the system guarantees unprecedented thermal comfort.

Very comfortable gloves made of Lycra, an exceptionally soft and flexible material. Thin, they are compatible with most dry glove systems. A neoprene cuff helps tighten the wrist and maintain the electrical connection.

The gloves are fully compatible with SF Tech underwear, all cables pass through the jacket lining. The gloves can be used independently or in combination with the heating system via a Y-connector.

The connection between the gloves and the cable is made using a rotating connector, allowing the user to position the cable in the desired position. The connection with the electrical input is made using a waterproof Push-Lock connector, in order to facilitate the connection during preparation and to ensure a stable connection during the dive.