Waterproof D1X Hybrid

  • $4,200.00

Does the "Perfect Drysuit" exist? It took three years of problem analysis, material sourcing and extensive testing to find the answer to the perfect drysuit, the D1 Hybrid. The first insulated constant volume drysuit. The D1 features silicone seals and an internal 3D Mesh liner. The two outer layers are separated by nylon springs, like in a mattress.

INSULATION - It's all about distance and keeping the insulating air between you and the cold water. The patented 3D Mesh inner liner does the job and works like a thermos. It creates a constant volume of CIV insulation

VENTILATION - Patented 3D Mesh inner liner offers limit restriction and airflow entrapment. It makes buoyancy control easier to master and controls interior conditions. After a dive, it dries faster.

CONDENSATION - The constant distance and unlimited airflow provided by Waterproof's 3D Mesh inner liner prevents moist air from entering your body. As a result, you will feel dry and warm. The 3D Mesh lining does not absorb any liquids and remains dry.

PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION - The 3D mesh has exceptional resistance to pressure. It provides true pressure distribution and maintains constant distance to the outer shell. This virtually eliminates compression spots and cold spots.

FIXED LINER - The liner is fixed to the suit, allowing for a more snug fit and your body moving freely inside the liner. As it is fixed, you have no obstacles when putting it on and of course no overheating on the ground.


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