Waterproof D7X Cordura

  • $4,100.00

For better or for worse and thanks to a full Cordura® outer lining, the new D7 PRO CORDURA ISS will be able to face the most trying conditions that a seasoned diver could encounter.

The D7 PRO CORDURA ISS, a premium reinforced Trilaminate suit, is the preferred choice for technical and advanced divers, as well as all seasoned sport divers who appreciate quality and style. This dry suit is for anyone who appreciates being clad in a top notch wetsuit, but with the resilience to survive any diving condition or environment the owner chooses to expose themselves to.

The D7 PRO CORDURA ISS features DuPont Kevlar fiber reinforced knees and boots, double stretch pockets and a front entry system for easy donning. And of course it is equipped with the ISS, a unique integrated silicone seal system that was recently developed and introduced to the diving market by Waterproof.

Included: H1 5/7mm hood with double vent HAVS

A waterproof Cordura 1000 bag


Low pressure hose

Silicone Gasket Replacement Kit