Waterproof W30

  • $315.00

We sometimes hear that our suits are too hot and excessively well constructed. This is the kind of criticism we are willing to live with. To remedy the fact that our standard wetsuits are too hot, we have developed a clever solution. We recommend buying a thinner wetsuit - preferably the new W30 Sport series from Waterproof. To appeal to professional divers, the new W30 2.5mm Full Suit features a new feature, the WPAD™.

The WPAD™, or Waterproof Personal Accessory Station, is a cleverly constructed docking station located on the right hip to accommodate expandable pockets.

As a disclaimer, we have to admit that the new Sport series unfortunately suffers from the same issues as our standard collection: it's sleek and well-built, the fit is excellent, and it's probably too hot and too comfortable. Unfortunately, we can't help but produce our costumes this way.